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Success Story The Blue Coat School CCTV

Success-Story-The_Blue_Coat_School_Birmingham-ENG-121018 Click on the above link for our Case Study; Includes 17 HD Cameras connected to the Axxonsoft Universe software and integrating ANPR cameras to Paxton Access control.

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CCTV maintenance at Wing Yip in Manchester

We now maintaining the CCTV System at Wing Yip’s Manchester site. We are proud to be able to support Wing Yip with CCTV requirements at this site.

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CCTV Installation Advice – Lexicon Europe News

5 CCTV mistakes to avoid CCTV is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your property secure if done correctly. Many people invest in relatively inexpensive CCTV cameras and choose to install them without professional guidance which can work but often some common mistakes are made that can unfortunately end up costing you more to…

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Home security- CCTV Monitoring

Home security: Gate automation Home security is something that we all take seriously. If you have a drive with expensive cars or a house full of expensive possessions that you want to protect with extra security then an automated gate could be the ideal security solution for you and your home. If you have been…

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CCTV & ANPR – Lexicon Europe

2013 CCTV Code of Practice 2013 Code of Practice.Use of close circuit television (CCTV) and number plate recognition systems (ANPR) must: 1.Always be for a specified purpose in pursuit of a legitimate aim and necessary to meet an identified pressing need. 2.Take into account its effect on individuals and their privacy. 3.Have as much transparency…

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CCTV systems – Lexicon Europe

How to make the most out of your CCTV systems Purchasing expensive CCTV systems does not automatically guarantee safety, unless they are fitted in the best possible way to maximise their protection. With many different kinds of CCTV devices available, don’t immediately assume that the high end models would be better for your situation. Assess…

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Lexicon Europe News- Access Control

Access control systems: How much money they could save you Access control systems manage the availability of areas of the building to only certain individuals who have the correct permissions. Commonly found using electronic cards, doors and other access points can be fitted with the systems and each separate card can be programmed with its…

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CCTV Systems at Lexicon

Why CCTV systems are necessary for all kinds of business Whatever the area of business, security is a primary concern. Whether for protection of employees, guests or commercial stock, security needs are varied. CCTV systems offer valuable protection in every industry. It is said that prevention is cheaper than cure, and this can be applied…

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Access Barriers – Lexicon Europe

Why access barriers to your work premises are a must Access barriers are vital to any office. There is almost no other way to ensure people can easily enter and exit your premises whilst at the same time keeping everybody safe. Access barriers offer fantastic benefits to businesses, across different levels. Perhaps looking at these…

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Lexicon Europe- CCTV News

Lantern Landing at Smethwick Recycling Plant Fire Caught on CCTV Camera Chinese Lanterns were captured on CCTV have been cause of controversy for some time now. Environmental activists have spoken of the devastating impact these have on wildlife and birds. Even Glastonbury, where people traditionally brought many Chinese lanterns with them, has had to ban them…

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