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CCTV darkfighter5 CCTV mistakes to avoid

CCTV is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your property secure if done correctly. Many people invest in relatively inexpensive CCTV cameras and choose to install them without professional guidance which can work but often some common mistakes are made that can unfortunately end up costing you more to put right. So if you are considering having CCTV installed then have a look through the five most common mistakes that people make so that you can avoid the same errors.

CCTV needs to appropriate – are you trying to:

A) Identify a stranger B) Identify a known person or C) Generally observe

  • Camera Type – If you are purchasing CCTV cameras then there are various types of camera available to you. Your choice needs to be a considered one though because it is all too easy to end up with the wrong type of camera. You need to consider the following before you purchase;
    • The distance you want the camera to cover.
    • Infrared technology is important to consider if you want to record footage at night.
    • Remember that a CCTV camera is never going to have the same scope as the human eye. There are cameras available that can rotate and zoom or cameras that are fixed and will therefore only record the footage they can see.
  • Installation – Whilst it can be relatively simple to install CCTV cameras yourself and there are products readily available for this, there is no substitute for a professional installation. Professional CCTV installers are trained to know where is best to place your cameras and what type of cameras you will need to achieve the level of security you are looking for.
  • Price and Quality – It is a common mistake to buy the cheapest security system on offer. Many cheaper CCTV products will appear like they are the same as the more expensive. However, it is more likely that the quality of the cheaper camera is fairly poor and the functions and options available to you will be far more limited. It is best to assess what you want from your camera and then make a decision on what is best for you in terms of price. Do not be fooled in to sacrificing quality for price.
  • Lighting – Often many people do not consider lighting. Although there are many systems on the market with infrared technology, you can save yourself some money if you consider lighting in the areas you wish to record. A professional security company will be able to offer you sensor activated lighting that will allow your cameras to capture footage should an intruder alert the sensor.
  • Warranty & Support – Often not considered but warranty and support are crucial to maintaining your CCTV system. By using a professional company to install your CCTV cameras you will be able to call on them should your equipment fail or have a problem. If you opt for a DIY installation you will not have this option. Often retailers will not take the item back once it has been installed as you will more than likely be blamed for the fault.