Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar Alarm systems - professionally installed and maintained - are essential for fighting crime and can to incorporate as part of an integrated security solution. Burglar alarms act as a deterrent to intruders as well as alerting you and the police to attempted crime, should the need arise.

There are many different Burglar Alarms available to purchase for your property. A good alarm will have the power to detect an intruder in your home or workplace allowing owners to detect an unauthorized person. Many Burglar Alarms will put criminals off entering in the first place or fleeing when the alarm is triggered and then will go off. The HKC system will now link your CCTV to the alarm activation so you can instantly identify what happen at the time your alarm activated.

The type of Burglar Alarm system you choose is vital, and Lexicon can offer you expert advice.

We offer systems for;

  • Domestic - Wireless or hard-wired including Pet Proof detectors.
  • Industrial and Commercial.
  • Fully Monitored allowing for Police Response via an Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • Easy to use App makes using the system simple and very convenient.

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