Gate Automation & Security Fencing

As part of our site security package, we can offer a range of Gate Automation Systems and Security Fencing to secure your premises. Whether you need standard Palisade fencing or bespoke wrought iron gates for a driveway, we can provide these as part of your integrated security requirements. Gate Automation and Security Fencing are easy to use along with them being cost effective. Boundaries can be made around public or private properties. Many Schools and nurseries will use security gates and fencing to surround and secure the premise preventing unauthorised access to the grounds.

Prevent Access

Many people who need gate automation will have them installed to prevent access to a driveway or to block a doorway entrance leading into a building. When in the process of purchasing a gate think about the purpose you are using the gate for. Does it secure your property? Is it easy for yourself to access? Gates used for driveways should complement the fence you are already using. The material that your gate is going to be made from needs to durable so unauthorised people are unable to access your properties premise. Is the driveway gate you are looking for going to be automatic or manual? Electric gates will always provide a higher level of security allowing control access from inside the building or via fobs, remote devices, button access. Manual gates are easier for people to open as nothing is needed so wouldn’t be as useful and automatic gates however manual gates are suited for properties where children and animals are not resident or able to unlock them.


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