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tower leasing options We have partnered with Tower Leasing to offer purchasing options. Systemlease can provide your company with a serious alternative to outright purchase when considering the method of acquiring the equipment.

Among the key benefits enjoyed by a number of our customers when utilising the Systemlease are as follows:

Payments are fixed for the full duration of the agreement;

Acquiring the goods via the Systemlease will in effect protect valuable working capital;

All rentals paid under the Systemlease are wholly tax deductible;

As an example, a system costing £5,000 +vat, the cost of leasing would be:

Term of 3 Years

Weekly payments of £38.65
First payment of £502.50
11 quarterly payments of £502.50

This equates to:

Total Cost of £6,030.00
Tax Relief at 21% of 1,266.30
11 quarterly payments of £502.50
Net cost of the finance £4,763.70

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