Visitor Management System

With more sites requiring GDPR compliance regarding access to visitor information, the Entrysign Management system offers and excellent solution.

EntrySign makes signing visitors in and out quicker and easier than ever before. Time consuming and costly paper-based signing in books are now a thing of the past and low running costs mean no need for ink cartridges anymore - just sticky labels.

EntrySign records the attendance of staff, visitors and contractors. In educational establishments EntrySign also records pupil & student movements. In addition, EntrySign can help your organisation comply with health and safety regulation, safeguarding requirements, and even the new GDPR regulations.

Track and monitor H&S and site induction dates, CRB/DBS dates, even perform GDPR data requests.

With integration to Paxton Access control, entering your Net 2 server details into EntrySign allows it to create users within the Net 2 environment automatically, or vice-versa so you don't need to repeatedly input the same details into separate systems. If your Paxton system is using Mifare cards, you can even update card numbers in Net 2 automatically from EntrySign.