CCTV Systems at Lexicon

Why CCTV systems are necessary for all kinds of business

Whatever the area of business, security is a primary concern. Whether for protection of employees, guests or commercial stock, security needs are varied. CCTV systems offer valuable protection in every industry.

CCTV Systems

It is said that prevention is cheaper than cure, and this can be applied to security too. Sometimes, a potential criminal will be sufficiently deterred by the noticeable presence of CCTV recording equipment that he or she will decide the risk is not worthwhile at that site and move elsewhere. If CCTV cameras are able to deter potential criminal activity, that is a fantastic bonus. The impact crime can have on morale as well as profit is significant. In fact, it could potentially be of greater severity in smaller businesses than in larger cases, where profit margins are smaller and staff can feel more vulnerable. Even the presence of CCTV cameras can have psychological impacts: it has been shown to offer a sense of security greater than that experienced without cameras, offering peace of mind particularly in areas of the country where crime rates are higher than average.

In addition to potentially deterring intruders from your site, it has been found that CCTV presence has a tangible impact on crime rates. According to one large study, installation of CCTV cameras in car parks created a 51% decrease in crime. The lowest reduction was found to be of 7%, with the reduction of crimes in public areas. Whilst not as large an impact as seen in car parks, it is still a significant reduction of crime rate and one that could make a real difference to your business.

CCTV is able to record footage which can be used in the event of a crime to help provide evidence. In situations where there are intrusions, thefts, or assault, having actual video evidence of persons involved can be a significant help in trying to seek justice. Moreover, CCTV evidence can also be used to support insurance claims, helping to ensure you are protected in every possible way. Where monitored onsite, it allows security teams to observe multiple entrances and exits at once, rather than the traditional patrol which means some areas are deserted at various times. This also allows efficient calls to the emergency services when necessary, with accurate descriptions of any suspicious persons and their vehicles. Even in smaller sites where footage is recorded rather than observed, it is a valuable tool in protecting the business.