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2013 CCTV Code of Practice

CCTV camera

2013 Code of Practice.Use of close circuit television (CCTV) and number plate recognition systems (ANPR) must:

  • 1.Always be for a specified purpose in pursuit of a legitimate aim and necessary to meet an identified pressing need.
  • 2.Take into account its effect on individuals and their privacy.
  • 3.Have as much transparency as possible, including a published contact point for access to information and complaints.
  • 4.Include responsibility and accountability for all uses, images, and information.
  • 5.Be preceded by rules that are communicated to all who use surveillance camera system.
  • 6.Store no more images and information than strictly required. Such images and information should be deleted once their purposes have been discharged.
  • 7.Restrict access to retained images and information with clearly defined rules on who can see this information and why such access is granted.
  • 8.Be undertaken by individuals with approved operational, technical and competency standards.
  • 9.Safeguarded appropriate security measures to defend against unauthorised access and use.
  • 10.Overseen by effective review and audit mechanisms to ensure legal requirements, policies and standards are complied with.
  • 11.Must used in the most effective way to support public safety and law enforcement with the aim of processing images and information.
  • 12.Ensure that any information used to support a surveillance camera system which compares against a reference database for matching purposes should be accurate and kept up to date.