Home security- CCTV Monitoring

Home security: Gate automation

Home security is something that we all take seriously. If you have a drive with expensive cars or a house full of expensive possessions that you want to protect with extra security then an automated gate could be the ideal security solution for you and your home. If you have been considering adding some extra security to your home then an automated gate could give you the added peace of mind that you have been looking for, especially if you live in a remote area.

gate automation

There are many benefits from having security gates as well as the peace of mind they bring. Security gates that are automated act as a large deterrent to thieves as they pose as a very difficult obstacle for them to overcome and because of this you are automatically more secure from theft. Depending upon the type of automated gate you have installed, you can also protect yourself from nuisance callers to your home. Automated gates can be accessed with many different forms of controls from pin codes to simple wireless keys. Whatever your needs are, at Lexicon we are happy to accommodate them.

Automated gates are also a great way of protecting your children and pets. If your garden or drive opens out onto a busy road then you may find that an automated security gate offers your family protection. You can allow your children to play freely in your garden knowing that there is no way that they can gain access to the main roads. As well as being child proof they are also great for keeping your pets within your boundaries and preventing them from being in harm’s way.

There are endless benefits to securing your home with an automated gate and they can be stylish and modern as well as traditional and classic. We can provide you with a variety of decorative gate styles to suit your tastes and the style of your home. We can even install CCTV for you so that you can see exactly who is waiting to visit your home giving you a real feeling of security and control. We can make you automated gate as high or low tech as you like. So, why not call us today and let us quote you on having the perfect security solution for your home.