CCTV Installation

We provide CCTV installations for Domestic and Commercial properties across the UK. Our camera systems can be Wireless or Hard Wired dependant on the environment . We can create a stand alone system or use an existing Network to reduce installation time and cost. As technology improves, so does the quality of CCTV by using High Definition cameras and advanced recording equipment. Lexicon provides a Maintenance and Monitoring service as required on all bespoke CCTV installations. We will also ensure your system is compliant with GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations, now in force.

High Definition

Cameras are commonly categorised by the pixel count to indicate definition. 2 Mega pixel (2 million pixel) cameras are generally the starting point for resolution and are ideal to view small spaces E.G doorways, small offices etc. They can range up to 30 Mega pixel for large open spaces. Virtually all cameras will produce a Day/Night images, meaning Colour images during the day and switching to Black and White at night in dark conditions. Once they have switched to Black and White, many will then offer Infrared illumination to enhance the night time image. The recording device, commonly used is a Digital Video Recorder, DVR, or Network Video Recorder, NVR. A DVR/NVR and can record up to 30 IPS (Images Per Second).

The recorder can to programmed to record permanently, use motion detection or triggered event to suit the environment and be set to record for a set number of days E.G. 30 days and then automatically overwrite.

Case Study

17 HD Cameras at a Private School featuring Axxonsoft Universe software with ANPR Integration with Paxton Access control.



CCTV installation
Home Systems
Night time image with IR
Night time image with IR
Commercial CCTV
Commercial CCTV
Night time Image Full Colour
Night time Image Full Colour
CCTV installations
Monitored CCTV
Thermal cameras
Thermal cameras

Wired and Wireless Connections

CCTV Cameras can be installed using two types of connections a fixed connection or a wireless connection.

Fixed Cable Connection

A fixed cable connection is where the CCTV cameras in operation are connected through a physical connection and then to a monitor or a recording device. The cable that is used is similar to a home TV cable with many different sized cables available. As the distance of the cable increase, it will cause the quality of the CCTV to decrease. Fixed cables can reach up to 500 feet dependant the type used. RG59 coaxial cable is very common as is Cat5 network cable.

Wireless Connection

We can provide a wireless CCTV camera installation, most of our cameras will use a 2.4 Ghz frequency. Frequencies can change depending on how many groups of cameras there are in one space. Wireless CCTV cameras require a power source locally and then a line of site radio link which extent to 15km or more.

Discreet dome camera

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Used when required to be unobtrusive or where there may be a risk of the camera being attacked. For Domestic use, why not simply use an SD card to record footage - requires no additional recording devise or cabling. 

Covert camera

Covert camera

As the name suggests, used to view an area un-noticed. There needs to be careful thought when deploying these types of cameras to avoid potential mis-use. Styles range from Clocks, Junction Boxes, Smoke detectors (as shown) and Room Thermostats. These cameras can be concealed in almost anything, if used properly.

Typical External Camera

Hanwha Bullet

A very common sight. This image is of a standard external camera housing as seen in many applications. It houses the camera, lens and is usually fitted with Infrared LEDs to allow for night time vision.

External PTZ Dome

Hanwha PTZ

The high speed Dome camera allows the user to turn the camera and zoom into an incident. This is a very powerful and flexible camera. They are best used when controlled by an operator to follow a person or incident over a wide area. They are now commonly used in larger commercial environments and especially in shopping malls.

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