ANPR and Car Park management

Lexicon Europe are CCTV installers providing ANPR camera installations. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a very efficient way of controlling access to car parks via vehicle barriers and gates. With collaboration between suppliers, the camera watching a barrier or gate can be used as an Access Control reader. By using ANPR, the barrier or gate can be set to automatically open when a known registration number is enrolled onto the system. Likewise, a known registration can be blocked from entering.

When installing ANPR cameras for pay and display car parks or private parking management, tracking each car coming into the entrance and again when exiting can be easy.

Advanced "Deep Learning" search

Advanced systems can now identify the make of a vehicle as well as the colour to help overcome false number plates. This type of system uses "Deep Learning" algorithms to analyse the huge quantity of data being stored and build up a enough information to allow the user to search for patterns of behaviour or scenes.

The types of analytics that can be searched are;

  • Facial Recognition
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Direction of Travel
  • Left Objects
  • Removed Objects
  • Male target
  • Female target
  • Colour of clothing.

This search criteria helps massively to identify an incident extremely quickly saving time and resources. Call us for a demo.

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