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Intelligent Access Control Systems

Intelligent Access Control Systems are needed to protect highly sensitive operational areas. An intelligent access control system should provide access to authorised personnel, but prohibit entry of unauthorised persons. Intelligent access control provides protection for your facilities and buildings. The Paxton Access range also includes Energy saving devices. This will allow the user to access a room or area of a building plus activate lights, air conditioning or heating.

User Options

There are many different security options available from;

Key fob, Swipe card, Token, Keypad, Radio Fob and CCTV ANPR.

Biometric access control systems are a great security option, access will be accepted from the systems using your finger or palm print.

GSM Intercom

GSM audio Intercom calling panels use a mobile SIM card to call the Apartment or Tenant on their landline & or mobile phone. No handset is required in the Apartment or office therefore making the system very flexible and convenient. The Telguard range includes single calling panels to multiple way panels.

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Biometric Access Control


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